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How To Play A Comme Amour On Guitar With Free PDF Tab EXCLUSIVE

A Comme Amour Guitar Tab Pdf Download: Learn How to Play This Beautiful Song by Richard Clayderman

A Comme Amour (L for Love) is a popular piano piece composed by Paul De Senneville and performed by Richard Clayderman. It is a romantic and melodious song that can also be played on guitar with the help of a tablature.

How to Play A Comme Amour on Guitar with Free PDF Tab

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A tablature or tab is a notation system that shows you where to place your fingers on the fretboard of the guitar. It uses numbers to indicate the frets and lines to represent the strings. For example, 3 on the second line means you have to press the third fret of the second string (B) and play it.

If you want to learn how to play A Comme Amour on guitar, you can download a free PDF tab from this link: This tab was created by Sky Guitar, a YouTube musician who also made a video lesson and a cover of this song. You can watch his video here:

The tab is in A minor key and has 5 pages. It follows the original recording of Richard Clayderman and includes the intro, the main theme, the bridge, and the ending. The difficulty level is intermediate, so you need some basic skills and practice to play it well.

Some tips to play A Comme Amour on guitar are:

  • Use a classical or acoustic guitar with nylon strings for a softer sound.

  • Use a capo on the first fret to match the original pitch of the piano.

  • Pay attention to the tempo and dynamics of the song. It is not too fast or too slow, and it has some variations in volume and expression.

  • Use your thumb for the bass notes and your index, middle, and ring fingers for the treble notes. Try to pluck the strings gently and smoothly.

  • Practice each section separately until you master it, then combine them together.

A Comme Amour is a beautiful song that can impress anyone who listens to it. By downloading the PDF tab and following the video lesson, you can learn how to play it on guitar and enjoy its melody. Have fun!

If you want to know more about the composer and the performer of A Comme Amour, here are some facts. Paul De Senneville is a French music producer and songwriter who has composed many songs for Richard Clayderman and other artists. He is also the founder of Delphine Records, a label that specializes in instrumental music. Richard Clayderman is a French pianist who has sold over 150 million records worldwide. He is known for his romantic and easy listening style, and he has recorded over 1,200 songs in various genres.

A Comme Amour is one of the most famous songs by Richard Clayderman. It was released in 1978 as part of his album A comme amour: Les fleurs de l'amour. The title means "L for Love" in French, and it refers to the shape of the letter L that resembles a heart. The song has been used in many movies, TV shows, and commercials, such as The Intouchables, The Simpsons, and Nescafé.

If you like A Comme Amour, you might also like some other songs by Richard Clayderman. Some of his most popular songs are Ballade pour Adeline, Mariage d'amour, Souvenirs d'enfance, and Love Story. You can find the guitar tabs for these songs online or buy them from music stores. You can also listen to his albums or watch his concerts on YouTube or other platforms.



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