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Added entries that provide additional access to a bibliographic record from names and/or titles having various relationships to a work. Added entries are made for persons, corporate bodies, and meetings having some form of responsibility for the creation of the work, including intellectual and publishing responsibilities. Also included are added entries for other titles under authority control related to the work for which the record is made, such as other editions, etc. Field 740 contains a title not under authority control for a part of the item being cataloged, or a related item. Added entries are assigned to records for persons, corporate bodies, meetings, and titles which are not given access through subject or series entries. Fields 752-754 provide for access to an item through other aspects of its content or description.

Meshell-Ndegeocello-Weather | added by 21

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(5) The term chemical preservative means any chemical that, when added to food, tends to prevent or retard deterioration thereof, but does not include common salt, sugars, vinegars, spices, or oils extracted from spices, substances added to food by direct exposure thereof to wood smoke, or chemicals applied for their insecticidal or herbicidal properties.

(4) A flavor supplier shall certify, in writing, that any flavor he supplies which is designated as containing no artificial flavor does not, to the best of his knowledge and belief, contain any artificial flavor, and that he has added no artificial flavor to it. The requirement for such certification may be satisfied by a guarantee under section 303(c)(2) of the act which contains such a specific statement. A flavor user shall be required to make such a written certification only where he adds to or combines another flavor with a flavor which has been certified by a flavor supplier as containing no artificial flavor, but otherwise such user may rely upon the supplier's certification and need make no separate certification. All such certifications shall be retained by the certifying party throughout the period in which the flavor is supplied and for a minimum of three years thereafter, and shall be subject to the following conditions:

(j) A food to which a chemical preservative(s) is added shall, except when exempt pursuant to 101.100 bear a label declaration stating both the common or usual name of the ingredient(s) and a separate description of its function, e.g., "preservative", "to retard spoilage", "a mold inhibitor", "to help protect flavor" or "to promote color retention".

(k) The label of a food to which any coloring has been added shall declare the coloring in the statement of ingredients in the manner specified in paragraphs (k)(1) and (k)(2) of this section, except that colorings added to butter, cheese, and ice cream, if declared, may be declared in the manner specified in paragraph (k)(3) of this section, and colorings added to foods subject to 105.62 and 105.65 of this chapter shall be declared in accordance with the requirements of those sections.

(3) When a coloring has been added to butter, cheese, or ice cream, it need not be declared in the ingredient list unless such declaration is required by a regulation in part 73 or part 74 of this chapter to ensure safe conditions of use for the color additive. Voluntary declaration of all colorings added to butter, cheese, and ice cream, however, is recommended.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced 22 new fields of study have been added to the STEM Optional Practical Training (OPT) program to enhance the contributions of nonimmigrant students studying in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and support the growth of the U.S. economy and innovation.

May contain the title portion of a related work that would normally be entered under a name/title heading in catalog entry form. In records for collections lacking a collective title, added entries for titles recorded in field 245 (Title Statement) subsequent to the first title may be given in field 740. Field 246 (Varying Form of Title) is used to record variant forms of the title recorded in field 245 and variants of the first title in field 245 for collections lacking a collective title.

In 1993, field 740 was redefined. Prior to that time, the name of the field was "Added Entry-Variant Title." The field contained a form of the title that was different from the title proper portion of the title statement (field 245, subfields $a, $n, and $p) but that was not the uniform title for the work, in addition to the titles currently appropriate for field 740. With the redefinition of this field, varying forms of the title in field 245 are to be recorded in field 246 (Varying Form of Title), and field 740 is to be limited to uncontrolled titles that are related to the title in field 245 or to uncontrolled titles for works contained in the item. Indicator 1 - Nonfiling characters # - Nonfiling characters not specified [OBSOLETE, 1980] Number of character positions associated with a definite or indefinite article at the beginning of a title added entry that are disregarded in sorting and filing processes was not specified prior to the definition of the first indicator position in 1979. Pre-1979 records may contain a # meaning undefined in this position.

Indicator 2 - Type of added entry 0 - Alternative entry (BK, AM, CF, MP, MU) [OBSOLETE, 1993] 1 - Secondary entry (BK, AM, CF, MP, MU) [OBSOLETE, 1993] 1 - Printed on card (VM) [OBSOLETE, 1993] 3 - Not printed on card [OBSOLETE, 1993] $n - Number of part/section of a work [NEW, 1980] $p - Name part/section of a work [NEW, 1980] Prior to the definition of subfields $n and $p, the number and/or name of a part/section of a work were not separately subfield coded.

IMPORTANCE Epidemiologic studies have suggested that higher intake of added sugar is associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors. Few prospective studies have examined the association of added sugar intake with CVD mortality. OBJECTIVE To examine time trends of added sugar consumption as percentage of daily calories in the United States and investigate the association of this consumption with CVD mortality. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES, 1988-1994 [III], 1999-2004, and 2005-2010 [n = 31,147]) for the time trend analysis and NHANES III Linked Mortality cohort (1988-2006 [n = 11 733]), a prospective cohort of a nationally representative sample of US adults for the association study. MAIN OUTCOMES AND MEASURES Cardiovascular disease mortality. RESULTS Among US adults, the adjusted mean percentage of daily calories from added sugar increased from 15.7% (95% CI, 15.0%-16.4%) in 1988-1994 to 16.8% (16.0%-17.7%; P = .02) in 1999-2004 and decreased to 14.9% (14.2%-15.5%; P

The VAT is a consumption tax assessed on the value added in each production stage of a good or service. Every business along the value chain receives a tax credit for the VAT already paid. The end consumer does not, making it a tax on final consumption.

A consumption tax is typically levied on the purchase of goods or services and is paid directly or indirectly by the consumer in the form of retail sales taxes, excise taxes, tariffs, value-added taxes (VAT), or an income tax where all savings is tax-deductible.

A Value-Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax assessed on the value added in each production stage of a good or service. Every business along the value chain receives a tax credit for the VAT already paid. The end consumer does not, making it a tax on final consumption.

Just the other day, the full schedule for this year’s WonderCon was announced including presentations for Resident Evil: Retribution, Sound of My Voice, Battleship, Snow White and the Huntsman, Lockout and Community. It’s a pretty fantastic lineup, and now WonderCon 2012 has gotten even better. Today Sony has added The Amazing Spider-Man and Rian Johnson’s Looper to their panel (which already included Resident Evil) and a special presentation for 21 Jump Street has been announced. Fans should be getting a really good look at new Spider-Man stuff, and I’m insanely jealous of anyone see


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