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Samanala Sandhawaniya 2013 16

Uddika Premarathna (born 9 September 1980) is a Sri Lankan actor and singer.[1] After appearing in numerous television dramas and multimedia programs, he made his big screen debut with Samanala Sandhawaniya in 2013. Premarathna was nominated for 'Most Popular Actor' at the 2014 Hiru Golden Film Awards[2] and won 'Best Actor' at the 2014 Sumathi tele awards for his performance in short period of time.[3]

Samanala Sandhawaniya 2013 16

Uddika made his maiden cinema appearance with 2011 film Buddhist film Mahindagamanaya with a minor role. Then in 2013, he came to prominence with main role in the film Samanala Sandhawaniya with the role "Vadisha Wikramanayaka".[5][6] The film successfully completed 100 days in theaters.[7][8] 350c69d7ab


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