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About Us

And there I sat in a movie theater box office selling tickets, pregnant, bored out of my mind. So bored I started writing letters in the alphabet as if they had “Alter Ego” or “Doppelgängers”... Yup I said it! I took the letters in my name created those first, I was so excited about those creations I had to finish the rest of the alphabet. Then “Dopiest 26” was born. Africans had hieroglyphics to communicate.  I'm presenting the Dopiest 26 to the world as the new alphabet for the African people. Here we are 13 years later and what a lucky 13 it is! The Est. 5.6.7. you ask, well that's the day my co-creator was born!

Know anytime you receive a bag, shirt, mask, or even hat from Dopiest 26 it is made to order.

All of the pieces created by Dopiest 26 are One-Of-A-kind, just like you! 

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